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An app to express feelings
Hey guys, today I will tell you about a unique app. We all use different social media apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Hike etc to communicate and send our messages to the world. But there are two conventional things about all these apps.
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1) Both the sender and receiver should have the app installed
2) The message you send with all the feelings, love and care are simply printed out.
The app about which I am going to tell you about breaks both the above rules. This app is a new concept and stands out of the crowd. First of all, this is not a messaging app, this is a way to express your feelings in a new and better way.
The name of this app is Speak – Express feelings. With this app, you just have to write a message, and it will give you a link, You will share that link with the person or group of people you want. When the other person will open the link, they will be given two choices, either install the app and see the message or directly see the message with their browser. Apart from this, the message is not simply printed, it is typed out slowly as the reader reads through. This gives the effect of typing and the reader feels and imagins better.
But there are also some features that are available in the app only. App users can also:
  • Apply and view themes with message
  • Select the typing speed
  • Toggle typing sound
  • No word limit

This app is a new way to express feelings to your loved ones. It can be used when you write long messages full f feelings and emotions. It doesn’t require any login, so it can also be used for sending anonymous messages.

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