YouTube Kicks Steve Bannon’s War Room Podcast Off the Platform

Banning, it seems, is in this week. Google and Apple have kicked out social media app Parler from their app stores; Reddit has banned r/donaldtrump, the unofficial subreddit dedicated to President Donald Trump; and Twitter has banned the president himself, as well as other high-profile supporters of the QAnon… Read more…

Amazon Web Services gives Parler 24-hour notice that it will suspend services to the company

Parler is at risk of disappearing, just as the social media network popular among conservatives was reaching new heights of popularity in the wake of President Donald Trump’s ban from all major tech social platforms. Amazon Web Services, which provides backend cloud services, has informed Parler that it intends to cut ties with the company … Read more

Apple suspends Parler from App Store

Apple confirmed that it has suspended the conservative social media app Parler from the App Store, shortly after Google banned it from Google Play. The app, which became a home to Trump supporters and several high-profile conservatives in the days leading up the Capitol riots, had been operating in violation of Apple’s rules. The company … Read more

Mozilla Calls for Sites to Go Beyond Just Deplatforming Bigots

Online platforms are hastily cutting ties with President Donald Trump and his ilk after years of milquetoast responses to the hateful and violent rhetoric fomenting under their watch, and all it took was a deadly insurgency at the nation’s capital. However, Mozilla says deplatforming doesn’t go far enough and has… Read more…