Link Your Facebook Account With Your Aadhaar Card


Link Your Facebook Account With Your Aadhaar Card

As most of us would know, Aadhar card is a unique 12 digit identification number which is issued by the Indian Government to every valid resident of India. This number is UDAI – Unique Identification Authority of India which ensures that all residents of India have a single but unique identification number and this number should have all the information possible for the individual.

Dosto Jaise Ki Ap Jante Hai Ki Aadhar Card Ab Hmare Liye Bhut Jarruri Hogya Hai. Aadhar Card Hamari Ek Unique Identity Hai.

Toh Ab Apko Jaankaar Shock Lgega Ki Ab Facebook Par Account Bnane Ke Liye Aadhar Card Mandatory Kardiya Hai. Ab Binaa Aadhar Card Ke Kisi Ka Bhi Facebook Par Account Nhi Bnega. Aadhar Card Layie Facebook Account Bnanyie.

Facebook Joh Ki Ek Bhut Popular Social Media Platform Hai. Aaye Din Facebook Mei Fake Accounts Bhut Ban Rahe Hai.

Toh Inn Sab Fake Accounts Se Chutkara Pane Ke Liye Facebook Ne New Users Ke Liye Aadhar Card Link Karna Jaaruri Kardiya Hai.

Jab Koi Bhi New User Facebook Par Account Bnana Chahega Toh Uske Pass Pehle Aadhar Card Hona Chahiye. Agar Uske Pass Aadhar Card Hoga Toh Tabhi Hi Koi New User Account Bana Skega.

Facebook Ne Iski Official Announcement Ki Hai. Facebook Ne Bola Hai Yeh Abhi Sirg  New Users Ke Liye Hai Aur Facebook Joh Abhi Chl Rhe Fake Facebook Accounts Band Karne Mei Lg Gyi Hai.

Facebook Sabhi Users Ko Ek Verification Karne Ke Liye Bolega. Agar Apne Jaankaari Sahi Fill Ki Toh Apka Account Active Rhega. Vrna Deactivate Aur Delete Ho Jayega.

Former UIDAI Chairman. Mr. Nilekani had earlier stated, “UID can be an easy way for verifying one’s Twitter and Facebook account, this implies that anyone (not just celebrities) will be able to get verified accounts, with their UID credentials. It can similarly be used for other online accounts where one needs to verify his/her identity.”

Linking Aadhaar cards or any other identification proof to Facebook can yield good results. One of the key benefits will be the eradication of fake profiles from Facebook. Also, a blue badge from the social media platform could result in more credible profiles as they will be verified with a proper ID proof.



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