NYC Advises Orgy Goers to Get Vaccinated ASAP

The New York City Department of Health wants the next few months to be a #hotvaxsummer just as much as everyone else. In a new, bright pink advisory released today, health officials tout the covid-19 vaccines as the best way to avoid catching covid-19 while getting up close and personal with others. And while everyone… … Read more

Twitch suspends two popular female creators over sexy ASMR streams

Popular Twitch streamers Amouranth and Indiefoxx are the two latest casualties of Twitch’s ongoing battle to enforce its own confusing rules around sexually suggestive content. Both creators were suspended following ASMR streams that pushed the bounds of Twitch’s community guidelines forbidding content that isn’t quite sexual in nature but is still too risqué for a … Read more

Steven Spielberg’s Pretty OK With Netflix Now

Steven Spielberg has had an intriguing character arc as of late. He caused a little drama a few years ago for his purported belief that movies made for Netflix that get theatrical award season runs shouldn’t qualify for Oscars. Then he worked with Apple TV and whatever the hell Quibi was. Now, the lauded filmmaker has… … Read more