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Bois Locker Room Case : The Locker Room Controversy

Bois Locker Room Case : A day after a 15-year-old boy was apprehended for allegedly sharing a picture of one of his followers on the ‘Bois Locker Room’ Instagram group, the Delhi Police Cyber Crime Cell (CCC) questioned five students, between classes X and XII of prominent South Delhi schools, for around six hours in front of their parents on Tuesday.

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They have also issued notices to 21 other members of the group, asking them to join the probe in the coming days.

Bois Locker Room Case : The Locker Room Controversy

The CCC had lodged an FIR after they came to know about the Instagram group, where teenage boys from prominent South Delhi schools allegedly shared photos of girls and engaged in sexually explicit conversation, including threats of sexual violence.

Bois Locker Room Case

“On the instance of the apprehended 15-year-old, the CCC has identified five other members and called them for questioning. They have already deleted their messages and accounts. During questioning, all of them told the police… that they were added to the group by their friends from school, neighbourhood and coaching classes,” police sources said, adding that their phones have been seized.

Police are trying to ascertain the administrators of the group and are also taking legal opinion before apprehending them.

Police said the 15-year-old has not yet been produced before the juvenile justice board because of the lockdown. He has been sent with his parents, who have assured that he will not leave the city.

According to a senior officer, the boy is learnt to have told counselors and police that he was not the admin of the group and was added by one of his classmates in the last week of March.

“After some days, they added a total of 51 people to their group and also made another group. Some of them allegedly started sharing photos posted by girls on their Instagram accounts. Some allegedly shared morphed photos as well,” an officer said.

Additional PRO (Delhi Police) Anil Mittal said the FIR was filed after police, during social media monitoring, noticed screenshots from the group. “Instagram has been asked to provide details of the alleged accounts involved in the group and details are still awaited,” he said.

Mittal said that as of now, they have identified around 10 members, including some over 18 years of age. “The minor members of the group are being dealt with as per the provisions of the JJ Act… Further action will be taken on the basis of material evidence gathered..,” he said. The students are from four South Delhi schools, and one from Noida.

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