Evil Chomps Into Season 2 With Sinister Glee

The season one finale of Evil—formerly of CBS, now on the newly-dubbed Paramount+ streaming service—aired all the way back in January 2020 (here’s a recap if you’ve since forgotten its finer points). Season two is finally here and “N Is for Night Terrors” picks right back up with our trio of supernatural investigators… Read more…

Dan Bongino Returns to Twitter With Tail Between His Legs

Dan Bongino—former NRATV blowhard, Fox News whackjob, and wannabe social media magnate—said he’d be quitting Twitter forever. Like many other obsessively online conservatives, Bongino claimed a round of censorship was coming and Republicans needed to evacuate to safe spaces like Parler, the far-right site he’s… Read more…

Facebook’s entry into VR advertising isn’t going too well

Facebook’s efforts to bring advertising to the Oculus virtual reality platform it has spent billions of dollars building out doesn’t seem to be off to a great start. The company announced last week that they were planning to roll out their first in-game ads inside the title Blaston from the prolific VR game developer Resolution … Read more

City Sinking Into Sea Welcomes Bitcoin Miners

Miami is scheming for ways to become the U.S. bitcoin capital. Mayor Francis Suarez told CNBC last week that his city would welcome bitcoin miners with open arms, as China picks up its nationwide crackdown on miners. What’s more, Suarez also said that the city was looking into lowering energy prices to further entice… Read … Read more